Some personalized US license plates are worthy of a lot more than the automobile

You see the vanity license plates on the streets, as motorists stamp their personality on their rides.

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Some of them are additional precious than you could think. The American Affiliation of Motor Car Directors suggests there are 9.7 million personalised plates in the U.S. Some of them are truly worth thousands, or even millions of pounds.

“This a person right here, the phrase Cash,” plate collector and seller Michael Modecki held up a California plate.

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The phrase Cash could flip this aluminum license plate into gold.

“We’re inquiring two million dollars for it. Yah, and we feel it is a fair value for it,” claimed Modecki. He says a California driver has asked him to offer it on his web site

Some states, these as Texas and California, allow for plates to be legally transferred to a new owner and car or truck. 

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The record in the United States ideal now is $675,000 for the variety 11 on a Delaware plate. Special numbers, letters, and phrases make the plates Unusual. The Texas plate looking at Uncommon, by the way, sold for $2,400 past calendar year.

“It is rather distinctive. It truly is Uncommon. It is 1 of a kind. That is just one of the rarest plates you can get on a Texas license plate,” described Steve Farar, CEO of, the official specialty plate vendor in Texas.

He states the Texas number 3 plate sold for $10,500. The plate HOUSTON marketed for $25,000.  

“The most expensive we’ve ever sold in Texas was carried out in 2013, and that was the 12THMAN on a Texas A&M license plate,” Farar additional. “That marketed for $115,000.” 

People today are buying in as collectors and traders.  

“I’m seeking to get all the M iterations.  I have 3 M’s, then I have 4 M’s,” Modecki showed us his assortment. 

“I have this plate, which is essentially the plate I experienced in California,” he said, exhibiting us a California plate reading through MM.  

Additional Buyer News

And which is not all. Modecki has posted his California MM plate for sale on his web-site for about $20 million. The plate has stopped traffic, after all.

“Individuals would end and discuss to me and I had men and women provide me cash for the plate,” Modecki told us.

The best value ever paid was $14.3 million for a plate with the number 1 in Abu Dhabi. In point, scarce plates in the Middle East normally price tag additional than the athletics cars that put on them.

Farar suggests bids proper now are up to $6,000 for 0001 and $3,600 for 0007 on Texas plates in an auction on  

It can be a probability for drivers to depart a long lasting effect. 

“This is GO VIRAL, which is fundamentally any YouTube creator’s mantra, appropriate?” said Modecki, displaying us a California plate he is advertising.