Mazda bucks EV trend with Legendary SP concept athletics car, but will they establish it?

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The Mazda Legendary SP notion athletics vehicle on display soon after remaining discovered at the 2023 Japan Mobility Present in Tokyo.Matt Bubbers/The World and Mail

Mazda is bucking the EV pattern with a unique and stunning new hybrid coupe notion called the Iconic SP. Even although virtually just about every other car business at the Japan Mobility Clearly show – or, for that issue, every automobile business at every auto clearly show – has rolled out some type of battery-electrical sporting activities car strategy a short while ago, Mazda is likely its individual way the moment yet again.

The Iconic SP thought unveiled in Tokyo presents a beautifully bizarre alternative to the basic issues that plague battery-run sports automobiles, specifically excess weight and dimensions.

“We’re shifting to the BEV [battery-electric vehicle] period and it’s definitely difficult to make a athletics motor vehicle,” said Masashi Nakayama, common manager of Mazda’s layout division.

“I assume a lot of very good items about a sports auto are staying misplaced,” he said through a translator. “Where are you heading to mount the battery? And the auto is heading to be heavy for a sports activities auto. And also the motor vehicle height is heading to be significant.”

He’s not being curmudgeonly. Battery fat and dimension does not matter on your regular SUV or luxury automobile, but could conveniently ruin the sense and handling of a compact sports car or truck.

This Mazda thought sidesteps these EV problems – conceptually, at the very least – with an strange hybrid solution. The Iconic SP makes use of a rotary combustion engine mounted in advance of the cabin as an electrical generator to power a little battery located at the rear of the seats the twin-rotor motor is not mechanically connected to the wheels at all. The wheels are spun by an electrical motor related to the battery.

Mazda claims the car is good for 365 horsepower and weighs in at a respectable 1,450 kilograms. (The MX-5 weighs 1,060 kilograms).

With the onboard generator there is no will need for a massive battery to ensure first rate driving assortment, simply because more selection can be created on the fly. A scaled-down battery means the car can be lighter, decreased and also a lot less highly-priced.

As far as array goes, Nakayama reported the SP could vacation 100 kilometres on battery ability in advance of the engine kicks it, but wouldn’t comment on what the whole array may be.

This kind of hybrid process, recognised as a series hybrid, is not some fantasy. It’s comparable to what was in the Chevrolet Volt or BMW i3 vary-extender. In simple fact, Mazda currently sells a rotary-hybrid variety-extender in the MX-30 R-EV (even though not in Canada). The difference is that the SP strategy takes advantage of a rotary hybrid in services of driving enjoyment alternatively than practical transportation.

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Mazda’s design boss sketches the Lamborghini Countach, Porsche 911 and his Iconic SP.Matt Bubbers/The Globe and Mail

The downside, of system, is that the motor vehicle still has a combustion engine burning gasoline, albeit substantially much less than in a standard V8 or V6. Imagine: you could commute 100 kilometres in your small sports activities car or truck emissions-free of charge on weekdays, and never be concerned about driving selection or discovering a charging station on a for a longer period Sunday blast into the middle of nowhere. Mazda claims its new rotary motor could be powered by hydrogen gasoline, if you can discover any, for additional emissions reduction.

This compact hybrid powertrain is also why this principle is so very low and lithe. The Iconic SP approaches the Platonic excellent of a tiny purple coupe. It’s for a particular kind of driver according to Mazda, an individual who “love cars” and needs a equipment that “embodies the pleasure of driving.”

If that’s you, you will be asking yourself whether Mazda will inexperienced-gentle the SP for production, ideally as a subsequent-generation MX-5 or a reborn RX-7, or no matter if the brand is just teasing a different wonderful sports car we’ll hardly ever get. (As it did with the RX-Eyesight strategy, unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Demonstrate in 2015.)

“We can realize the technologies I assume. But, mainly because [the SP] has a focused system, we need to have expenditure. That signifies we want every person to assist this principle so […] management will be in a position to give the go indicator with assurance,” Nakayama claimed. (All you Mazda lovers, that is a connect with to action from the designer of your beloved MX-5.)

“I’d enjoy to drive that vehicle,” explained Nakayama’s boss, Mazda Motor Corp. chief government officer Masahiro Moro. But, he warned there are many technical hurdles, these as at any time extra stringent emissions laws and battery provide, in addition to the large concern of whether or not there’s ample desire for this specific strategy.

Generating the enterprise scenario for a minimal-quantity athletics car like this, on an all-new committed platform, at a time when automakers need to have to shovel money into EV growth and creation, will be difficult. With the recent MX-5, development expenditures have been shared with Fiat, which applied the system for its small-lived 124 Spider. (Fiat just couldn’t market adequate of them.)

In Canada, Mazda sells about 1,000 MX-5s a year, accounting for 2 per cent of its nationwide sales.

Even at individuals volumes, the MX-5 is “very” profitable for Mazda globally, in accordance to Jeffrey Guyton, the company’s chief monetary officer. He would not say whether the Iconic SP will go into production, but did remark that, “we’re likely to operate truly challenging to make that business enterprise situation.”

The fundamental issues that plague battery-driven sports autos will finally be defeat, potentially by power-dense sound-point out batteries or some but-to-be-invented technologies. I’m guaranteed Porsche will be in a position to obtain answers that do the job for its future all-electrical 718 Boxster, for example. But, in the meantime, this Mazda principle gives an choice – and very attractive – template for compact, economical, small-emissions autos that set driving pleasurable previously mentioned all else. Do it Mazda stop teasing the diehards and build this thing.