Maximum-Mileage Panoz AIV Roadster in the Entire world

Maximum-Mileage Panoz AIV Roadster in the Entire world

When was the last time you imagined about Panoz? As for me, I wrote about a Panoz Esperante a several months in the past, but the boutique American racing workforce and sports activities car or truck brand hasn’t just been at the forefront of automotive headlines in decades. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a handful of faithful Panoz fans inclined to invest in and have some of its far more exciting sporting activities cars and trucks. If you happen to be a single of them, or you want to be, this 1997 Panoz AIV Roadster could use a new loving household.

Allan Schrag has owned the extremely-exceptional 1997 Panoz due to the fact June 1, 2021 and, fairly than continue to keep it as a garage queen, he is pushed it often. “I have utilized it as an occasional Sunday driver,” he advised The Travel. Schrag is the 3rd proprietor and it currently life its 3rd condition. It started out out existence in Phoenix, Arizona, then moved to Houston, Texas, and it’s now in Wichita, Kansas. In other words, it’s resided mostly in drier, warmer climates, and it demonstrates. There is certainly no rust to be seen in any of the images on the Facebook Market listing, and the vehicle appears to be to be in fantastic condition, specially contemplating its 134,000 miles. Since most Roadsters for sale have much less than 10,000 miles, this is quickly the most properly-applied illustration we have at any time viewed.

Allan Schrag

What is the Panoz Roadster? Aside from looking like a Plymouth Prowler for folks who really get pleasure from driving, the Roadster was the initially sporting activities auto from Panoz in 1992. On the other hand, for the 1996 design year, Panoz up to date the Roadster with an aluminum chassis, which is where the “AIV” (Aluminum Intensive Automobile) part comes from. Along with that up-to-date aluminum chassis also arrived a new 4.6-liter V8 from the 1996 Mustang SVT Cobra (which replaced the outdated 4.9-liter Mustang V8) and it built 305 horsepower. Paired to that V8 was a 5-speed handbook, which drove only the rear wheels.

Only 176 Panoz AIV Roadsters were being sold to the community, by natural means earning each 1 pretty fascinating. That rarity may make sourcing pieces complicated and pricey when challenges inevitably crop up. And whilst Schrag explained that it has not price tag him nearly anything for the duration of his time with it, it really is even now a 134,000-mile automobile from 1997. Concerns are bound to pop up at some place. Engine components would not be really hard to locate, considering the fact that it employs a Mustang V8, but factors one of a kind to the car will be more durable.

The existing asking cost on the Roadster is $25,500, which is well under the $44,000 regular, according to That low value may be a reflection of its mileage, as it truly is traveled about 10 instances the distance of your run-of-the-mill (if there is this sort of a factor) Panoz AIV Roadster. On the other hand, I might argue that holding a goal-initially automobile like this as a garage queen would skip the point. So relying on its problem and what you want to do with it, this Roadster could be an best addition to your secure. Much more importantly than that, however, it can be an open up-wheeled, V8-driven, rear-wheel-push sports vehicle with a handbook transmission that is only an inch longer than an Mk8 Volkswagen GTI. That sells by itself.

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