Item Update: Driving License Verification API

Introducing the Driving License Verification API

It is popular in India to question for a driving licence for proof of identification be it for leasing a residence or providing away a bride, it is the longest-standing ID for Indians right after Voter’s ID. 

By applying a digital driving license verification alternative, examining driving licence numbers can be accomplished remotely, and only confirmed customers or end users can be allowed entry to electronic platforms, on the internet solutions, and protected shared overall economy expert services like leasing&#13
a automobile or booking a hotel on the web. Checking driving licenses on the net for validity and position aids stay clear of manual processes that can be time-consuming, and faults can be pricey. That is the place Driving License Verification API arrives in. 

In this blog site, we’ll introduce you to the dl verification on the net API and make clear how driving license verification can benefit your business for digital onboarding customers, employees, purchasers or customers.

What is a Driving License Verification API?

In straightforward conditions, a Driving License Verification API lets you consider a image of the authorities-offered driving license, and extracts and verifies knowledge on the ID applying proprietary AI that is experienced to detect fraud and synthetic IDs. This AI aids quickly&#13
validate driving licence particulars like the license number, stamps and other vital verification capabilities of the ID assisting verify IDs immediately permitting for a seamless digital customer onboarding working experience.

DL APIs pace up, simplify, and secure the onboarding process, permitting for verification with out the customer’s bodily presence. The electronic verification method for any form of authentication, this sort of as driving licence verification API, is adaptable,&#13
advertising smooth workflows and rising effectiveness.

IDcentral’s Driving License Verification API is based mostly on RestAPI which will allow ensures easy integration to website or app-based platforms. Incorporating this API to your digital onboarding flow lets you to automate the approach of verifying all the aspects on a driver’s&#13
license using AI-based OCR know-how that extracts and verifies facts with governing administration databases. 

Run by a extensive database of driver’s licenses will help in verifying the ID which is frequently up to date to make sure that you have access to the most up-to-date facts. 

Added benefits of using the Driving License Verification API

There are several advantages of applying the Driving License Verification API for your organization:


With the API, you can automate the driver’s license verification approach, which saves time and gets rid of the need for manual verification.

Check doc & info forgery

The API checks the driver’s license position from a in depth database, which supplies accurate and up-to-day data.


By employing the API, you can assure that your business enterprise is compliant with regulatory specifications.

Plug and play Driving License Verification API

The API is a charge-powerful option for driver license verification as it eliminates the require for handbook labour and minimizes administrative expenditures.

How does the Driving License Verification API function?

It is basic to use the Driving License Verification API. The on the web DL verification is executed by employing an instant DL verification API, in which the consumer just enters the DL details or uploads a image of the DL, and then we extract and validate the&#13
info applying our driving licence OCR. Here is a move-by-move manual to obtaining begun:


  1. Indication Up: To use the API, you are going to require to indication up for an account. You can do this by visiting the API provider’s web page and subsequent the sign-up method.&#13
  2. Submit a Request: To confirm a driver’s license, you will want to post a ask for to the API. The ask for will involve the driver’s license variety, a photo of the ID, and any other information and facts expected by the API.&#13
  3. Receive a Response: Once the API processes your request, it will present a response indicating the driver’s license status, Title and handle of the person, difficulty and expiry timeline, category & form of motor vehicle authorised and the issuing RTO facts.&#13
    The reaction may possibly also include further information, these kinds of as the driver’s name, tackle, and date of delivery.&#13

Use cases for the Driving License Verification API

The Driving License Verification API can be made use of in a number of industries, together with:


  1. Insurance coverage: Insurance companies can use the API to validate the driver’s license position of policyholders prior to offering protection. This will help them assess hazard and avoid having to pay promises for mishaps brought about by unlicensed motorists.&#13
  2. Transportation: Transportation organizations can use the API to verify the driver’s license standing of staff just before assigning driving responsibilities. This will help them be certain that their drivers lawfully comply to work commercial motor vehicles.&#13
  3. Human Assets: Human sources departments can use the API to confirm the driver’s license standing of job candidates just before hiring. This can help them stay clear of opportunity liabilities through address verification and ensure that new hires meet up with occupation prerequisites.&#13
  4. Shared Economies: Renting a auto or booking a keep can be a inconvenience as it is, in purchase to ease the verification approach and permit consumers to accessibility solutions additional effortlessly, on the net platforms and on place, registrations can now employ driving license verification&#13
    APIs that can screen identities before offering obtain.
  5. Age Verification: Since driving licenses have an age of authorization, it is straightforward to use driving license verification to make it possible for only eligible clients and end users to be onboarded for providers through age verification. &#13
  6. Fraud Avoidance: With forgery and tamper detection constructed-in, driving license verification allows Identity Verification of folks signing up, be it for expert services on the internet or platform utilization accessibility. DL Verification API is intended to proficiently and specifically&#13
    detect this kind of fraud.
  7. Insurance policies Promises Verification: Since Driving License Verification API retrieves facts of suspended, blocked, and valid driving licenses, insurance policy claim verification and other obligatory checks of driving license authenticity and status can be confirmed.&#13
  8. Digital KYC: Using IDcentral’s composite APIs KYC verification using a driving license is probable through a solitary approach that ensures KYC compliance.&#13
  9. Supply government onboarding: It is vital to have correct driving licence facts when onboarding delivery executives for your business. This makes sure that you have authorised drivers and licencing data. IDcentral’s DL OCR API assures that&#13
    you obtain correct digitised information in seconds.
  10. Live Biometric Verification: With a composite API, AI-driven identification verification can be carried out to examine and verify the confront of the driver/rider to match the ID.&#13

Driving License Verification API

The pros of utilising IDcentral’s Driving licence verification API to authenticate Driver Licenses are easy to relate to and comprehend. They are benefits that can have a immediate influence on the working of your mobility-as-a-support business.&#13
This is why:

Trusted Safety and regulatory compliance.

IDcentral’s Driving License Verification API complies totally with KYC and privateness policies about ID verification. IDcentral’s identity verification will help you in strengthening safety to make it extra tough for fraudulent motorists to entry your&#13

Automation, performance, and precision.

The IDcentral Driving License Verification API validates driver’s permits (licences) in true-time. The system will allow no room for error and extracts the necessary info with 100% accuracy.

Streamlined verification expertise

IDcentral’s Driving License Verification API is run by reducing-edge AI and can cope with a large selection of queries at at the time. Drivers who indication up for your assistance may well entire the whole verification treatment in just seconds without getting to offer with any person&#13

Person onboarding is rapid, and conversion premiums are sky-high.

IDcentral’s Driving License Verification API promptly answers all the identification thoughts you want to ask new motorists. Confirmed drivers on your platform are quickly onboarded, allowing for you to install as lots of added motorists as your technique can&#13

Protected verification in serious time

API integration enables safe real-time id verification. It eradicates the probability of fraudulent makes an attempt or id theft by utilizing a dwell-movie connect with or impression-dependent verification approach.

Adaptable attributes

DL APIs may be readily built-in into any KYC verification procedure’s touchpoints. Every verification cycle is simply just a few minutes extended and gives a safe process of pinpointing and validating a customer’s identification with no gaps or issues.

Position Checking

On the applicant’s dashboard, the support providers clearly show exact tracking data. When a buyer is invited for on line onboarding, the KYC position of their application and transactions may all be tracked and dealt with on a wise dashboard.

Simple Integration

Firms may well interact with IDcentral’s DL verification APIs with small enable and no interference from exterior functions. Firms could start applying DL APIs in a matter of times.

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