Fortnite Leak Reveals Possible New Car Mechanic

Fortnite Leak Reveals Possible New Car Mechanic

A Fortnite leak could have revealed that Epic Games is preparing to increase an attention-grabbing automobile feature with future updates to the activity.


  • Fortnite might shortly introduce a car or truck hijacking mechanic, adding unpredictability and chaos to driving in the recreation.
  • Former seasons of Fortnite experienced limited auto selections, but the addition of drivable automobiles like the ATK expanded alternatives.
  • Epic Game titles has not verified the leak, but the possible mechanic would develop new gameplay chances for gamers.

A new leak has uncovered the possible addition of a vehicle mechanic that could be coming to Fortnite before long. Ended up it to be added, it’s sure to make driving cars in Fortnite a little bit extra unpredictable and chaotic than before.

Controllable vehicles have been by means of rather an evolution in Fortnite. In the earliest seasons of Struggle Royale, they simply just did not exist, even though they ended up a massive component of other well-known titles in the genre. Then, players acquired their to start with style of what drivable motor vehicles could be like in the recreation when Epic Games included searching carts in Period 4. Traversing the map with them was restricting, although, as players only had regulate when pushing the carts but not even though driving in them. This was rectified in the subsequent time with the addition of the All Terrain Kart (ATK), and a wide variety of drivable cars have produced their way into the sport because then.


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A latest leak report from Loolo_WRLD on Twitter claims that Epic is performing on a gameplay process that will permit gamers to hijack other people’s motor vehicles in Chapter 5 of Fortnite. Nonetheless, there could possibly be restrictions to how players hijack vehicles. The leak also lists the strategies in which hijacking can fall short. Players will not be able to pull off a thriving hijacking if the motor vehicle is likely far too quick, hits a sharp transform, or crashes.

Fortnite is a video game that functions a ton of enjoyable things to do for gamers to do, aside from battling it out for that to start with area victory. Given that the shopping cart times, Fortnite gamers have discovered approaches to use autos as a software to support in their antics and build unforgettable gameplay moments. With the means to hijack automobiles, gamers will undoubtedly discover great and creative methods to employ the feature.

Epic Game titles has not built any official announcements pertaining to this likely new mechanic in Fortnite, so irrespective of whether hijacking cars will truly be included to Fortnite is yet to be noticed. The leak has some diploma of believability to it, however, as the aspect would seem like it would be much more of a tiny addition than a full recreation changer. While there has been no confirmation, it’s nevertheless an interesting prospect to take into consideration even so.



Fortnite is a massively well-known match that has a number of modes, the most famed of which is the online struggle royale mode. In this method, gamers accumulate items, develop constructions, and battle it out to be the greatest victor.

July 25, 2017