Best Road Trip Car Accessories For Your Summer Tour

You’ll be prepared for all eventualities on the road trip, including cold beverages, comfy sleeping arrangements and delicious food

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Now that the “sun is shining, the weather is sweet,” and black ice has given way to smooth tarmac, it’s time to pack your bags and hit the road. If you are planning a longer road trip, be sure to have your car serviced, replace the winter tires with your all-season or summer set and complete your list of essential items you MUST NOT FORGET (this year).

Whether it’s a long-weekend getaway or a cross-country road trip, you will need to be prepared for the open road. So here’s a handy list of must-have car accessories that will make your grand tour fun and fuss-free.

1. Roof racks

Roof racks are by far the best space saving idea in the history of car accessories. You can put most or all of your luggage on the roof and have the trunk vacant for other things that you may wish to carry. If not luggage then you can either mount a bike or your canoe. You don’t get that kind of flexibility and practicality anywhere else.

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Roof racks to carry luggage bike or boat
You can put most of your luggage on the roof and make room in the trunk.

2. Portable electric cooler

There’s nothing like an ice cold beverage on a hot summer’s day. What’s better is that you don’t need to buy ice  for your chiller every other day. Plus, you can also carry some extra packaged food, snacks and fruits and you don’t have to take a detour looking for a restaurant every time you feel hungry.

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3. Window visor

This nifty product is a great way to have the circulation going in the car when it’s raining. Just prop open the window a little bit and let the cool air come into the cabin while keeping the rain out. There are two kinds available: the in-channel ones (that look much better) and the peel-and-stick type.

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4. Car awning

These add a whole new layer of comfort and protection from the elements at your road-trip destination. They provide shade when you’re looking to rest or cook and, depending on the size, provide shelter for more than a few people. Get one with walls and you also get privacy even in the wilderness.

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car awning provides shade and a place to relax

5. Power inverter

Nothing is worse than running out of juice on your laptop or smartphone out in the wild. And frankly, you can only look at the stars for so long. You might need some extra entertainment after a long day of driving, plus you can also run an electric kettle and brew yourself a nice cup of tea.

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6. Car mattress

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Car seats are not a great place to sleep no matter how much you adjust them. What you need is a car mattress. These come in a variety of sizes and some manufacturers even customize their offerings to fit by make and model. Add a couple of inflatable pillows and you’re guaranteed a peaceful night’s rest.

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car air mattress for sleeping in the car
Buy a mattress that’s designed for your car Photo by Stephanie Wallcraft

7. Trunk kitchen

One can only have so many bags of chips and Red Bulls in a day. And campfires are only good for roasting marshmallows and burning food. What you really need is a trunk kitchen to cook the fish that you just caught or elevate your camping culinary offerings.

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8. Collapsible chairs/table

You need a comfortable relaxation area under the awning and picnic tables are just brutal on your back. A set of foldable chairs and table creates a great space to read a book, sip some coffee or just soak in the sun or hide in the shade. Plus, these are great for picnics and family outings and won’t take up too much space in the trunk.

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9. Car seat organizer

If you’re carrying a lot of stuff in the car, it’s bound to end up in difficult to reach places such as under the seat or on the floor. Keep everything in place with a car seat organizer. Some of these come with tablet holders that will help keep the kids busy with M*A*S*H or Star Trek: The Original Series — or are kids watching something else these days?

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10. Portable vacuum cleaner

It starts with the cookie crumbs and soon it all descends into chaos. If you, like yours truly, are a neat freak, but don’t want to wait till the end of the road trip to vacuum the car, a portable vacuum cleaner is what you need.

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Portable car vacuum cleaner
Car vacuums come in various sizes. Photo by Renita Naraine

So there you have it. Are there any car accessories that you swear by? Share your ideas in the comments below or hit us up on social media. Till then, safe travels.

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