Best car accessories 2023 to upgrade your vehicle’s interior


ur cars can be our sanctuaries when we take proper care of them. Yet most days, for the average human being – or carer of little human beings – the sad reality of our car interiors is that they tend to resemble more of a landfill than a luxury mode of transportation that we’ve spent our hard-earned cash on.

We all know that bittersweet feeling of just having had a professional valet. The seats and carpets have been freshly shampooed and hoovered, an overwhelmingly powerful air freshener that will likely die out in under 24 hours dangles obtusely from the rear-view mirror, and the windshield is as squeaky clean as it has ever been. We sit, relishing in its uncharacteristic cleanliness. We boast to our passengers of the care we take of our precious vehicle, referring to our car by its Christian name like teenagers.

And then, by the second day, the windshield has been destroyed by bird excrement, someone has decided to have an argument with a pain au chocolat in the backseat and – somehow – the sand from that beach trip back in 2012 that we thought had been all but hoovered up has mysteriously reappeared. Alanis Morrissette’s seminal hit Ironic echoes through grainy speakers via a tangled aux cord. We shed a single tear. It’s the stuff of nightmares.

What if we told you that there was a solution to this madness? A series of gadgets and gizmos that can help you take better care of your precious motor? There are people out there – geniuses, if you will – who have become equally as fed up with the state of their vehicles, and have decided to do something about it. Countless inventions from the purely aesthetic, to the unbelievably practical – there’s a whole market’s worth of car accessories that you never knew you needed.

Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the best of the best when it comes to novel car accessories. Keep scrolling to make your four-wheeled friend feel more luxurious than ever.

Diptyque Baies Car Diffuser with Refill


The iconic Parisian fragrance house has released the car diffuser we’ve been waiting for. The wondrous rose-tinged Baies scent shall no longer be restricted to the confines of your home, for you can now enjoy it via a luxurious, aesthetically pleasing diffuser which attaches discretely and easily to your car’s vent.

The logo-embossed oval design is refillable, with each insert lasting up to three months. You can change the scent level by simply tuning the golden adjustor to your desired opening and enjoy the fresh scent of blackcurrant buds and Bulgarian roses.

Car Vacuum Cleaner


Every car needs a small, but mighty, portable vacuum cleaner. Pulling into a petrol station and using the communal car hoover might do the job every now and then, but it certainly prevents us from keeping our cars as spick and span as possible. This barely 1kg hoover has a discrete cord that plugs directly into your car’s cigarette lighter socket. It comes with a series of precision attachments, miniature dusters and various attachments for those hard-to-reach places.

Boot organiser


If, like us, you’re always prepared for emergencies on the road – chances are your boot looks a bit of a state. So much so that a shopping spree at the local big Tesco often requires stress-inducing and Tetris-like rearrangement in the carpark. With a sleeping bag here, and a pair of muddy hiking boots there – there’s a way to prevent your survival accoutrements from sliding all over the place. A simple car boot organiser will keep your trunk looking wonderfully neat at all times.

This one has adjustable tie-down straps, removable dividers, sturdy panels and large pockets for those smaller bits and bobs.

Turtle Wax 52736 Power Out Car Interior Seat Stain Clean & Odour Remover 400ml

Turtle Wax

Another car essential is this powerful, rinse-free stain remover for your upholstery. Whether you’re a pet owner, parent, university student or simply one for munching away on the go – we can bet good money that your car seats have seen some damage over time. This foamy, quick-dry cleaner removes stains, revitalises the appearance of upholstery and even deodourises. It also leaves a protective barrier to prevent future spills and stains.

Car Trash Can


Say goodbye to messy car floors with a set of two mini bins for your front and back seats. This set also comes with six rolls of bin liners. Scoop them up in a subtle black colour, a bight white or the prettiest of pinks.

Car Seat Gap Filler, Organizer


Never again lose your favourite lipstick to the depths of the inner seat gaps in your car, for this nifty and super cute organiser will not only close-up that chasm, but provide a handy storage solution for your ever-expanding lip balm collection. If, however you prefer to keep your car un-clutterered, but would like to prevent the loss of valuables down that black hole, you can also purchase simple gap fillers to do the job.

Cleaning putty


This highly rated, lavender-scented putty will pick up even the hardest to reach crumbs and dust bunnies. Designed for multiple uses, the gel-like consistency will stick to everything except your hands for the easiest of cleaning.

Sprinter Snack Tray Cup Holder Waste Bin


Perfect for long-haul road trips, this luxurious snack shelf will keep all your favourite drinks and snacks organised and accessible. You may not have cup holders on your back seat or need a flat surface for drive through munching – and that’s where this attachment shines. It also has a handy miniature bin attached to the side.

Magnetic Cable Clips


Begone, tangled chargers and aux cords! For this magnetic cable organiser can easily attach to your dashboard for Marie Kondo-level neatness. With its damage-free adhesive, you can move and remove this organiser with ease, without loosing any stickiness.

Animal Tissue Box


Plush and practical, these animal-themed tissue holders not only make an adorable accessory, but will keep your hayfever in check during summer road trips up and down the country.

Dual McDonalds sauce holder for car air vent


Love a good drive-thru, but can’t quite handle balancing your chips, nuggets and dip on your own? Sick and tired of the mess it leaves – not only on yourself, but all over your precious vehicle? This penny-saving invention shall be your ultimate saviour.

Car Cup Holder Expander


The concept of an ‘emotional support water bottle’ has been making the rounds on social media as of late. Often in the form of a large stanley cup or a hydroflask, emotional support water bottles are at our sides, at all times. Their biggest issue, however, is that they don’t fit into standard cupholders. The often 1-2 litre giants are thereby relegated to the front seat, rolling off into an abyss at even the most delicate of breaks.

This cupholder expander is here to save the day. Simply fit it into your standard-size cupholder and enjoy keeping your favourite water bottle firmly in place throughout your drives. This model can also function as a dual cup holder, and has an additional, smaller circular frame attached which can be clicked into place. Stay happy and hydrated, friends.